1. Tell us more about your blog, The Peak of Tres Chic:  

The Peak of Tres Chic is my blog where I explore my love of interior design, fashion, travel, entertaining, and pieces of my own life. I began blogging in the summer of 2011, when I was overwhelmed by my newfound passion for interior design.   Having gone to school to pursue a Bachelors degree in Energy Management, and working in the oil and gas industry full-time, I needed a place to express my creativity.  Not too long after starting my blog, I made the decision to leave my current career path in order to begin another one- this time, in interior design.

My blog has always been, and continues to be, the place that is uniquely mine to share my thoughts and explore the latest trends I love in both fashion and design.  It's come to mean so much to me!  

2. You made quite the career change (and we've been tipped off that you graduated one of the top in your major at OU); what was the pivotal game changer?  

 Aw, well!  I never truly felt passionate about my energy major during undergrad, but I figured most people aren't that excited about their everyday work, so I didn't worry too much about it.  But then once I went to work full-time, and the excitement of a new job wore off, I realized I was not in the right career.  Having my blog helped me express my pent up creative energy for awhile, but eventually going to work every morning to do something I had no interest in became overly draining.  I knew I had to make a change.  

Meanwhile, my blog was growing and people began to reach out asking for design help with their homes.   I began to realize that my true passion was interior design.  After working full time for about a year and a half in the oil and gas industry, I finally quit my job to go back to school at the Art Institute of Houston to pursue interior design.  In order to make the transition a little less scary, I found a job assisting a high-end residential designer.  That allowed me to have a little income while going to school at night.  After working with her for about 6 months, I made the jump to freelancing while finishing up my degree.

3. You seem to effortlessly combine your love of home design and fashion to create your overall aesthetic. How do you find you find your inspiration?

Thank you for the compliment!  That is so sweet.  I have always loved fashion- particularly street style.  Although runways are exciting, seeing how everyday people take a trend or a particular look and make it their own is so inspiring.  

In The September Issue documentary, Grace Coddington says, "Always keep your eyes open- keep looking, because you never know when something might inspire you."  I love that, and find it to be so true in my life.  I often find inspiration in the smallest things- a piping detail on a cardigan, a particularly interesting textile, or even a landscape design.  I think it's important to change up my routine regularly, whether that means trying a new restaurant, going on a weekend getaway, visiting an art gallery, or traveling abroad- mixing up my everyday life helps me keep my perspective fresh and broadens my aesthetic.  I never want to get "stale" or stop growing and developing.

4. What are you craving this winter?  

 I love the opportunity to layer up and get cozy in my wardrobe and in my home.  For my wardrobe, I am lusting after cozy sweaters that I can pair with leggings and booties or riding boots.

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