1. Charmed Circle: Lollipop Ring
2. Tibi: Heavy Silk Cami
3. Vince: Dylan Seamed Skinny Moto
4. Mackage: Raffie Large Satchel


1. Your personal and home style is so adorable and chic, what made you want to start your blog Sadie + Stella?

I have always been interested in clothing and aesthetics from a very young age, 2 to be exact. I am probably the only 2 year old who asked for clothing and shoes for my birthday. Truth. As I have gotten older, my addiction to fashion has translated into home design. Since my 9 to 5 is very analytical, I find that interior designing and blogging gives me the creative outlet that I would otherwise be missing.

2. What inspires you?

Blogs and big cities. Truly. I love traveling to new cities to see what the trends in fashion and general aesthetics are. Even traveling domestically, each state and even city have a different flavor to offer. Blogs make different local flavors accessible to all of us worldwide. Big shout out for the internet.

3. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

If I could go absolutely anywhere, it would be to Marrakesh. I am so inspired by the colors and culture of Morocco.

4. What is the one place that inspires you the most?

My office. I know, pathetic answer, but it's honest. I find that I am most creative surrounded by loud color and stacks of fabric samples.

5. Who is your #1 style icon?

Easy. Olivia Palermo.

6. Something you wear or a style that you now love you never imagined yourself loving?

Fringed boots. Seriously. Or rompers.

7. What is essential for spring?

Wardrobe and/or interior design. On the wardrobe front, statement shoes. On the interior design front, anything pink. I predict it's making a solid comeback.