For many women, the daily routine of waking up each morning and facing what awaits them behind their closet doors is frustrating and stressful. We have known clients who stare minutes on end into their jammed-packed closet, waiting for something to jump out at you and say, “Wear me today”! Getting dressed everyday should not be a frustrating, stressful experience. We believe that dressing and looking great everyday can make your day more harmonious. With only carefully chosen pieces in your closet, you will be able to pull together a masterpiece in no time. You will feel confident knowing that you look great. This confidence will carry-over into your day giving you the ability to focus on what’s important!

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Get into your closet

Before you go shopping and spend your hard earned cash, you need to go into your closet and make sure that you are maximizing your current wardrobe and great pieces. To do this you have to see what you own. It’s time to organize your closet and get everything out and in view. 

Step #2: Edit– Edit - Edit

After you have organized your closet so you can see everything, it’s time to let go of the pieces that no longer are serving you and helping you create your personal style. Remove all items that are ill-fitting, outdated, and that you just don’t wear. Remember, you are creating your style.

Step #3: Organize again- working with your current pieces.

Arrange all like items together: pants, jackets, tanks, tees, blouses, etc.- then arrange by color from light to dark.

Step #4: Get a Lookbook

We will generate your Lookbook while compiling your Wish List.

Step #5: Study your Lookbook

We will send you your Lookbook along with helpful information personalized just for you.

Step #6: Shopping

You can do this on your own or Cakewalk can provide Shopping Services to implement your Wish List! You don't have to leave your house, if you prefer. We can come to you, wardrobe pieces in tow.

Contact us for pricing and to schedule an appointment. We would love to help you!
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