Gina Cartwright and Jennifer Grigsby


Gina Cartwright is a jewelry designer whose inner brilliance gleans in every unique piece she creates. A history entrenched in fashion, Gina formed a love for jewelry as a young girl admiring heirloom pieces. Brilliant new finds and “made for the moment” pieces that she and her family collected together along the way marked milestones - the most precious of which, a gift from her dad, remains on her wrist today.
Her eye for both the precious stones and metals used to create the one-of-a-kind designs for which Charmed Circle is known reflects as well in the fashion collections she builds for her Cakewalk Style e-boutique and recently opened Cakewalk Style Shop. Located in the art district of culturally rich Houston, the shop embodies all that Gina has cultivated over the years - from her early days as a Guess market rep and her travels around the Charmed Circle’s growing notoriety since featured on the Today Show and Oprah’s List of Favorite Things. 

Jennifer Grigsby applies her background in science education to the methodology of “styling.” An innate love of fashion, a Bachelors in Science Education and eight years teaching middle school students the importance of feeling good about themselves - culminated in the creation of Closet-ologie Consultation. 
Helping women identify their own personal style became her life’s work.
Jennifer continued her work in fashion - spending some time with a renowned image consultant and a veteran fashion retailer before continuing her journey to hone her understanding of the way women shop. Today working as a stylist at Cakewalk Style Shop she helps each person find the potential in themselves ..... and that of their wardrobe. She is the senior Blogger on Cakewalk Style’s eboutique, sharing travels, undiscovered treasures and fashion tid bits from every place she finds them.