Neon Yellow Sweatspants – Are They Really Worth It?

When I was growing up I always thought that Neon Yellow Sweatspants were a waste of time. I guess I was probably influenced by the way my dad made me wear them every day to school in the summer. You see, he would go and buy me a pack of them and I would lie on the couch with them at all times, and then when we came home from school he would take off my sweatshirt, tie it around my neck, and then leave it there. This was in the early 1970’s.


I was old school when it came to these things but I am sure there are many other parents out there that remember this too. I was always under the assumption that my sweatshirt would fall off while I was standing on my tip toes on the couch. Now I know better, as I have had it happen to me many times. I can now tell you that when you put these on the wrong way, or on the wrong part of the body they will be uncomfortable for a long time. You may as well call it an orange shirt.

I think these sweatpants are so cool and stylish. I mean they look so professional. However, when I get out of my pants I hate wearing them. There is just something about them that makes me feel like I have a lump stuck in my throat. I guess it is the color of these pants that makes them look silly and unprofessional.

If you are going to wear these kinds of neon yellows you are not going to want to wear any kind of dark colors or anything that has a lot of prints on them. You want to wear white or off white. You want to make sure your shirt is in a color that matches your pants.

If you are going to wear these kind of neon yellows during the warmer months then you want to go with light or pastel colors. These colors will help you get more sunshine into your skin. The light will make you look great and will also help to keep you cool on those cold days. As long as you are not wearing a bright colored shirt that you will look great and make your appearance to look professional.

I also know a few people who wear neon yellows to bed and use light blue nightshirts as under them. This looks really cute. I think they make a very cute couple. But as a rule it is not advised. For me it is best to stay away from the bright colors and choose colors that are cooler.

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